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Labor Market Information

These Web-based tools provide solutions for unemployed workers, career counselors, economic developers, educators, parents, students, businesses, workforce professionals, and job seekers.


America’s Service Locator -
Connects people to local offices providing employment and training services. It provides maps and driving directions to the nearest American Job Center, and unemployment insurance filing assistance. America’s Service Locator has information on more than 20,000 local resources and offices.


CareerOneStop -
Includes tools to help job seekers explore careers, investigate salary and benefit information, research education and training opportunities, plan a job search and browse job sites, write and improve re-sumes and cover letters, prepare for a job interview, and search for jobs. In addition, the CareerOneStop Web site provides links to workforce and labor market information websites that contain local information resources and tools.


Veterans Reemployment Portal on CareerOneStop -
Designed to assist veterans with employment, training, career planning, financial and emotional help after military service. The site links veterans to local resources as well as provides a military-to-civilian job search based on military job title or military occupation code.


Worker Reemployment Portal on CareerOneStop -
Designed to assist impacted workers following job loss, and to connect laid-off workers to needed resources for training, reemployment, career planning, financial and emotional help during the process of job transition. The site also now includes a job search by location feature.


Virtual Career Network -
Prepare and qualify for a well-paying job and a rewarding career in Healthcare, Green Economy or Transit by connecting you to the education and training you need. You can also explore job strategies for 50+ workers.


My Next Move -
Gives individuals three main ways to explore careers, including an online O*NET interest assessment, and then provides an easy-to-read, one-page profile of each occupation highlighting important knowledge, skills, abilities, technologies used, simplified salary and outlook information, and links to find specific training and employment opportunities.


My Next Move for Veterans -
Designed for U.S. veterans making the transition to civilian careers and provides tasks, skills, salary information, job listings, and more for over 900 different careers. Veterans can find careers through keyword search; by browsing industries that employ different types of workers; or by entering their military occupation code or title.


MySkills MyFuture -
Enables job seekers and intermediaries to match a worker’s occupational skills and experiences with the skills needed in other occupations, in order to facilitate their career mobility and economic prospects. For any occupation, users can get a list of job listings in their local area (i.e. state or zip code) and click directly through to the hiring company’s website. MySkills MyFuture is designed for use as either a self-help tool or with the assistance of expert advisers.


O*NET Online -
Enhances businesses’ hiring and retention efforts and supports workers and students in career planning by accessing key data for identifying and developing workplace skills.


Occupational Outlook Handbook -
A publication of the United States Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics that includes information about the nature of work, working conditions, training and education, earnings and job outlook for hundreds of different occupations in the United States.


Career Coach -
This tool offers current local data on job outlook, employment numbers, wages, job postings, related careers, and customized demographics with associated education requirements. A-B Tech majors are built-in to the program.

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